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IVR – easy work with clients

0 Vote

IVR (voice menu) – is one of phone services that helps in organization of telephone communication with callers. It contains of a list of already recorded messages that customers hear after dialing t ...

Call forwarding for virtual phone number

0 Vote

Call forwarding Are you tired of continuous worrying about losing contacts with your relatives, customers and partners when you move away from country? Does your company have a tendency to change comp ...

Call recording – service of IP telephony

0 Vote

If you are interested in saving of all calls coming to your office for further calls records handling, it means that such service as call recording is exactly for you. The phone service of call record ...


0 Vote

One of the additional phone services using in telephony is voicemail. This service consists in leaving a voice message by a subscriber if the phone is busy or unanswered. The owner of number can liste ...

Greet callers with welcome message

0 Vote

Greeting Message – is the phone service for virtual telephone numbers that contains voice message being listened to by all callers first of all. This voice message brings brief information about com ...

Hold music – create callers’ good mood

0 Vote

Hold music – is the phone service using for installation instead of boring tones while the caller is waiting connection with subscriber. offers every interested person to install nice m ...

Blacklist and whitelist – service for calls distribution

0 Vote

Black and white lists – are phone services for virtual telephony from that allows classifying subscribers calls into groups depending on the fact if their calls are desirable or not. Us ...

Conference call – communication without limits

0 Vote

Conference call is the phone service of IP telephony that gives its users opportunity to communicate with several subscribers simultaneously. Calls with phone service of conference call don’t depend ...

Cheap international calls using SIP

0 Vote

The world of modern smart IP telephony offers the opportunity of receiving and making calls from and to all over the world. Cheap rates on SIP calls surprises anyone, as they are lower than via usual ...

Virtual phone number – how it works?

0 Vote

The world of new modern technologies is creating more and more technics all the time to simplify our life and our work. Telephony is not an exception. And virtual telephony is an example of this. But, ...


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