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Virtual Incoming DID (Direct Inward Dialing) is an Internet delivered voice service that provides businesses with a virtual presence in any country. 

To put it very simply, Virtual Incoming DID allows companies to have a local presence in any foreign key cities outside their country of origin. 

Virtual Incoming DID Service provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for calling card companies, voice messaging/fax service providers, and businesses that require local phone numbers in several calling areas in a specific country. This service also provides a solution for bulk phone numbers in a specific calling area.

With over 1,000 rate centers in more than 40 markets to choose from, Virtual Incoming DID Service delivers these features:

greendotWide area coverage without high contract commitments.

greendotFlexible pricing with unlimited inbound calling without per minute charges.

greendotVoIP Delivery without the need for multiple POPs.

greendotFixed subscriber charges allowing controlled network costs.

greendotPortability of Virtual DID numbers and support of LNP for existing numbers.

Virtual Incoming DID Service enables users to have local telephone numbers from several cities assigned to use a shared group of voice paths. 

For example, by using Virtual Incoming DID Service, your customers in different parts of USA can just dial a local number and reach your gateway in the head office without having to incur per minute IDD charges.


greendotIncrease customer base by seamlessly doing business in new markets.
greendotBetter customer support by providing easy to remember local contact numbers to customers.
greendotInstantly establish satellite offices for business associates and sales agents with a local presence in the specific key markets.

greendotAllow callers in a specific country to contact any global office cost effectively, without incurring long distance charges.

greendotFully redundant network allows for greater than 99% uptime.

Virtual Incoming DID Service includes one DID number (from any country) and one port (supports one simultaneous call). 

Virtual Incoming DID Service is one of several service offerings from Divatel Information Systems that can be combined to provide a comprehensive communications package for any business seeking a global reach.


Your business is located in USA and your key customers are located in Japan, United Kingdom and China.

Divatel Systems will provide you with Virtual Incoming DID numbers, local to their respective areas, that rings at your business phone line in USA.


Now clients can reach you cost effectively from their local numbers, no matter where you are in the world. On the other hand, you are enjoying a virtual business presence without having to incur high overhead expenses.



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