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DivaTEL Hosted Call Center solution (cloud-based contact center software) makes it easy to deliver world-class customer service. DivaTEL eliminates the headaches and costs of implementation, support, and management of complex on-premise technologies of the past. The hosted solution combines technology delivery with day-to-day expertise and best-practice consulting. This empowers you to focus on your core business and most valuable asset: your people. Ultimately, your people use the processes and technologies you provide to fulfill the mission of your contact center. This mission drives every key performance indicator: creating happy customers.

Hosted contact centers provide great functionality. For example, if a customer is calling and there are many (at least three) individuals capable of assisting her or him, based on a particular skill, the call can be routed to the first available. In such cases the technology improves your call-handling efficiency and provides a better customer experience by enabling an immediate response. Other reasons to go with a hosted solution include using business intelligence to monitor and prove service levels, provide customer interaction insight, or track the efficiency of a self-service IVR.

Customer Service : This is the most common application for contact center technology because 68% of customers switch brands based on a poor service experience. The customer service department impacts the top and bottom line and future cash flows by improving customer experiences and increasing the Life Time Value of customers.

IT Help Desk : The IT Help Desk is a mission-critical central support hub to keep your organization humming efficiently and maintain your employees’ effectiveness. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) frameworks require contact center technology alongside ticketing solutions to implement and track processes for Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) success.

Service Desk : Process-based service delivery is used in departments with more than one service-provider. Organizations and departments, using Hosted Solutions, can now differentiate themselves by demonstrating the accountability their stakeholders demand.

Sales Desk : Sales are the lifeblood of companies. To quickly get your prospect inquiry to the right sales rep on your team is paramount. Your brand and reputation can be confirmed or ruined in a split second, and your potential customer can choose to go elsewhere in that same instant. Your company’s revenues and profits depend on you. So how is your sales organization with these challenges?

Reservation Desk : To take a reservation quickly and accurately is one of the most sensitive transactions possible. Your brand’s reputation can be confirmed or ruined in the blink of an eye, and your customers can choose to book elsewhere before you have a chance to prove yourself. How is your reservation desk coping with these challenges?

Business Continuity : Fires close 44% of the businesses affected. Being without a disaster recovery and business continuity plan has catastrophic consequences, so why do so few organizations have one? Two reasons: cost and complexity. Hosted contact centers overcome these hurdles of the past.


Sales dan marketing SALES & MARKETING :
Indra Ilham - Ext. 111
John - Ext. 110

Sales dan marketing WHATSAPP & HANDPHONE : 

Ismed S. - 0852-8940-4589
Dipa A. - 0821-1063-2366
Indra Ilham - 0818-188-818-59
John - 0812-1070-3999

Sales dan marketing INTERACTIVE DISPLAY :
Dharma - 0878-7753-7902
Carlo - 0878-8796-8114

Sales dan marketing EMAIL :

[email protected]
[email protected]

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