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Products Overview

Aheeva offers a complete family of customizable and flexible products for contact centers to optimize their campaign management and improve their performance.

Exceed your expectations starting today and widen your organization's possibilities!

Aheeva Contact Center Solution :

  • Elect a complete solution for inbound and outbound calls
  • Ensure a transparent workforce management with detailed reports
  • Adopt a real-time quality monitoring, locally and remote
  • Increase your customers' satisfaction through a personalized upgradable service
  • Maximize your agents' productivity for any type of campaigns
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Calling List


Outbound & Predictive dialer

The Aheeva Outbound solution is a flexible tool that allows you to manage optimal outbound campaigns.

Aheeva CCS Outbound solution provides :

  • Multiple dialing modes: progressive, preview, predictive and broadcast
  • Unlimited number of filters and calling lists which can be modified at any time
  • Automatic processing of incomplete call results: abandoned, answering machines, busy signal...
  • Blended mode: agent handles inbound/outbound calls
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Managementsupervisionreporting and quality monitoring optimal tools that are modifiable in real-time

FOCUS on Aheeva CCS Predictive Dialer !

Aheeva Predictive Dialer algorithms allow for maximum customer contacts, in a minimal amount of time, while targeting precise campaign sales and service objectives.

Over dialing parameters allow agents to be constantly busy, released from manual dialing, and long waits between calls.

Constant dialing adjustment that takes into consideration parameters such as the availability of agents, the probability of the calls' outcome and the call duration.

Optimal dialing that takes into account numerous factors, so that the best time to contact your customers can be established, according to available human resources.


The benefits:

  • Real-time control of your campaigns
  • Run unlimited number of campaigns
  • Optimize your human resources and reduce your costs
  • Improve the success of your agents with better tools
  • Regulatory compliance


Scripting Tool

Our Scripting tool allows you to set up your telemarketing or services campaigns in a minimum of time and without any programming skills requirements. Developing and modifying your scripts will not require your IT team.

Our flexible tool also offers the possibility for advanced users to set up more complex options or functionalities.

Aheeva CCS Scripting tool allows you to :

  • Choose between customizing our templates and creating your own scripts
  • Get your campaign operational quickly by saving the time of your IT team
  • Generate as many pages of scripts as you wish
  • Add text fields, lists, images, page backgrounds, etc....
  • Add additional call qualifications without having to modify the script


The benefits:
  • Assign the creation of your scripts to users, even users without any particular IT skills
  • Assign more complex scripts to advanced users
  • Save time by using the existing templates
  • Visualize the progress of your new campaign in a few clicks.


Benefit from a powerful and complete tool adapted to the needs and specificities of your various campaigns



Inbound & IVR

The AheevaCCS Inbound solution allows you to control the distribution of your inbound calls and to reduce processing times for higher customer satisfaction.

 Aheeva CCS Inbound solution provides :

  • Intelligent call distribution thanks to unlimited and personalized routing scripts that you can modify at any time
  • Access to the Asterisk© IP PBX applications such as vocal announcement, language choices or user authentication
  • Possibility of establishing the calls' prioritiy based on call conditions and your business rules
  • Live management of your queues and call allocation by agent skills or by group
  • Web pop-up, from your personal CRM or through our scripting tool, with the customer information as soon as the agent receives the call
  • Management, live supervision  and quality monitoring tools
  • Reporting tools and historical data statistics


FOCUS on Aheeva CCS IVR!

Thanks to our IVR, you can offer your customer a personalized greeting. Customers navigate the vocal menus that collect information and allow them to specify their request or direct their call to the agent who is the most competent to meet their needs.

This function allows for call segmentation through interactive exchanges with the customer while maintaining a high-quality level of customer reception and service.

In addition, the IVR reduces the number of calls to your agents by relieving them of simple information requests such as your address, location or business hours. 

The benefits:

  • Defining the business rules that control the distribution of the calls
  • Unlimited personalized scripts to revitalize your routings
  • Customers' inquiries matched with specific agent skills
  • Waiting time reduction and control of every stage of your inbound calls


Increased customer satisfaction and optimized campaigns


      Routing Script
  Routing Script



The AheevaCCS solution includes sophisticated management tools that allow you to measure the productivity of each aspect of your contact center by supplying you with complete live or historical data.

This information is essential for you to pilot effectively your campaigns, to supervise your agents and to improve the performance of your center. Our tools allow you a better management and process control.



Our supervision module provides the campaign manager with a view of all the campaigns through a secure interface, regardless of the location, simply via an Internet connection.

Managers can access the operational results in real-time and step in remotely.

With Aheeva CCS Supervision tool you can :

  • Oversee your activities from any place with an Internet connection
  • Obtain live information on the number of calls, calls waiting in a queue, the number of agents allocated to a given queue, the maximum waiting time, the average waiting time...
  • Check the various status of the agent: ready, in call, or on break...
  • Have a real-time view of the number of calling list records processed, the number of remaining records, the number of lines being used ...
  • Control the productivity and bring improvements remotely with controlled access and a secure interface


The benefits:
  • You manage your contact center even when you are not in the office
  • You check the quality, the productivity and measure the performance of your agents in real-time
  • You can interact with the agents even remotely


You oversee the quantitative and qualitative real-time return


Realtime Statistics  Realtime Statistics



Reports show you the level of success of every campaign thanks to detailed and complete real-time performance data. They provide you with better management and process control.

AheevaCCS reporting management tool allows you to generate :

  • Reports by agent or by agent group: information about the various statuses (on-line, break...)
  • Summaries of the various activities by agent or by group of agents (how long the agent was talking with the customer, etc...)
  • Specific outbound and inbound campaign reports
  • Reports on the calling lists for outbound campaigns (handled callbacks, ended, planned, remaining records)
  • Reports on queues
  • The call details table allows you to get all the information needed to create your own personalized reports


The benefits:

  • Choice of publishing real-time report or on a daily, monthly, annual basis
  • Save time by using our pre-formatted reports
  • Access all the information needed to create other types of reports


Review your success by measuring your performance in detail, in real-time or through historical data


 Report Ex Report Ex Report Ex Report Ex

Quality monitoring

Thanks to our Quality Monitoring tools, make sure that all your agents have the information, the necessary skills, the attitude and the motivation to allow them to use all their potential for attaining your organization's objectives.

Our Quality Monitoring tools include a live listening module, complete audio and video digital recording and an evaluation forms module.

Our live listening module allows you to :

  • Verify the adherence of the agent's speech to your business policies
  • Whisper "in private conversation" to provide tips to the agent without the customer hearing
  • Evaluate the agent's training level and skills


Our audio and video recording module allows you to :

  • Record the calls in WAV or MP3 format and comply with the PCI –DSS standards (avoiding the recording of sensitive credit card -related information, optional encryption of recording, no special recording equipment is required)
  • Store the recordings and retrieve them using flexible search criteria such as agent group, agent, date, phone number, sales and campaign data
  • Replay video recordings to view the information entered by the agent in the customer's information page or in other applications


Our evaluation forms module allows you to :

  • Create as many evaluation criteria as you wish
  • Create various possible answers for the open-ended questions
  • Group questions together and score every answer
  • Evaluate your agents on precise and modifiable criteria for the various campaigns


The benefits:

  • Follow up the level of product knowledge of each agent
  • Coach the agents
  • Identify areas to improve for higher quality of service
  • Oversee and control in real-time


Refine your business perspectives and quickly identify the necessary adjustments for higher performance


Aheeva SoftPhone

For an optimal use of our solutions and to keep the cost of ownership down, we offer two software-based telephones: the Starphone, the main Aheeva softphone for Windows desktops; and the Aheevaphone, a light thin client softphone that runs in an Internet Explorer browser under Windows.

The Starphone provides :

  • Cost savings on hard phones, you only need a Windows workstation and a USB headset.
  • Minimalist, intuitive and efficient interface that remains permanently open on top of any other window on the agents' desktop.
  • Able to support several VoIP protocols.
  • Capacity to communicate call-related information to the agents (small messages scrolling on the Starphone, or automatic opening of a page in a Web browser which also allows the retrieval of additional information on the caller).


Aheevaphone provides :

  • Capacity to work with hard phones by separating the voice from the call control.
  • Capacity for the agent to use this tool without any direct handling of the physical phone which will simply be used to transmit the voice.
  • Possibility of using the softphone as a complete phone, the agent will only require a Windows workstation and a USB headset.
  • Capacity to communicate call type information to the agents (small messages displayed on the Aheevaphone, or automatic opening of a Web page which also allows the retrieval of additional information on the caller).


The benefits:
  • Choose the softphone that best suits your needs and according to your infrastucture resources.
  • Benefit from all the usual features of call control ( 3-way calling, call transfer, on hold feature, manual dialing, etc.) with the Starphone as well as the Aheevaphone.
  • Provide your agents with ergonomic tools.


Optimize the use of the AheevaCCS solution with adapted tools.


  Aheeva Starphone  Aheeva Starphone Aheevaphone     Aheevaphone






The AheevaCCS inbound chat solution adds yet another option to provide an excellent customer service to your clients.


  • Agents can handle inbound/outbound calls and chat.
  • Agents can chat and remain available to receive a call
  • Agents can transfer a chat to another agent, supervisor or a line of business
  • Three way conference of a chat session
  • Supervisor can monitor live, send private message to agent and join the chat session
  • All chats are recorded and archived
  • Easy to integrate to a website
  • Ability to setup global canned responses as well as specific responses for each line of business


  • More options for clients
  • Increase agents productivity
  • Improve the communication with the customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Decrease waiting time for customer
  • Have a complete solution to deal with your clients

The top 10 skills required for a successful live chat agent:

  • Excellent typing including speed and accuracy
  • Ability to multi-task managing multiple conversations simultaneously
  • Manage customer time / responsiveness
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Create a meaning connection / Rapport- personalize the chat conversation
  • Understand the metrics behind chat /(Average Response Time)
  • Appropriate usage of canned messages
  • Professional grammar
  • Ability to offer additional products or services when applicable
  • Attention to detail





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