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Sales are the lifeblood of companies. To quickly get your prospect inquiry to the right sales rep on your team is paramount. Your brand and reputation can be confirmed or ruined in a split second, and your potential customer can choose to go elsewhere in that same instant. Your company’s revenues and profits depend on you. So how is your sales organization with these challenges?


In today’s economic environment, many sales desks are finding that…

  • They need the tools to make it easier for prospects to get to the right sales rep, quickly.
  • Sales teams need to provide higher levels of responsiveness, but are required to do this while reducing costs.
  • Sales reps struggle to learn the system and find that they concentrate on the technology at the expense of customer service.
  • The systems tie-up capital and are expensive to maintain and support.
  • It’s difficult to monitor service levels and, without proper reporting, it's unclear as to how to improve services.
  • They don’t know how many sales are being lost due to voicemails and untimely responses.


With a Our Hosted Call Center for sales desks, your operation can…

  • Close more deals by responding quickly to prospect calls, web chats, or emails.
  • Spare your CFO the shock of a capital expenditure request. Instead, make one monthly payment of a specific, predictable amount.
  • Spare your over-worked IT team the management of yet more technology. Leave the maintenance and support to your dedicated DivaTEL Team © of highly-trained professionals. They are measured, compensated, and rewarded on your happiness.
  • Be informed with complete reports on the success or failure of promotions or policies.
  • Make informed decisions quickly with gathered info from callers and agents.
  • Focus on your key accounts – don’t forget Pareto’s 80-20 rule!
  • Stop missing opportunities during seasonal peaks or campaigns. Scale up (or down) easily, inexpensively, quickly, and pay only for what you need.
  • Easily allow sales reps to connect from home or remote locations to increase part-time, backup, or seasonal phone help at the lowest cost possible.
  • Provide multiple methods of contact to prevent losing sales to your competition.
  • Easily forecast call volume and create sales team schedules with our Workforce Management application.
  • Increase the speed of making sales by scheduling appropriately and serving callers quickly.
  • Schedule staff to overtime, factoring in wage and productivity, reducing payroll.
  • Hear your client’s words directly – the best source of market feedback.
  • Provide “front of the line” service to your VIP clients and keep them happy.


Sales dan marketing SALES & MARKETING :
1. Indra Ilham - Ext. 111
2. John - Ext. 110

Sales dan marketing WHATSAPP & HANDPHONE : 

Ismed S. - 0852-8940-4589
Wayan Wisnu - 0813-8868-2384
Indra Ilham - 0812-2399-3456
John - 0812-1070-3999

Sales dan marketing INTERACTIVE DISPLAY :
Dharma - 0878-7753-7902
Carlo - 0878-8796-8114

Sales dan marketing EMAIL :

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