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The service desk concept is taking organizations by storm. Previously reserved for IT help desks, the service desk concept enables organizations to provide answers to key stakeholders. Any time more than one person in your team can answer a question, you can benefit from the service desk model. For example: a common service desk application is an HR question from your employees. When the question is answered rapidly by the next available agent, your stakeholders are happier, resulting in a sustained competitive advantage.


Today, many organizations lacking service desks suffer from:

  • Calls routed incorrectly to people who don’t know the answers.
  • Long waits for answers and inevitable voicemail tag.
  • High costs for capital-intensive equipment.
  • Disparate systems that don’t work together.
  • Expensive maintenance and support from technology vendors.
  • Difficulty in changing system setups and features making change slow and laborious.
  • An inability to track the amount of time spent answering various questions.
  • No insight into recurring questions or themes to improve overall communications.


Our Hosted Call Center creates amazing results for new service desks.

  • Easy-to-use software; reduces work for service desk staff and allows them to focus on the job, not the technology.
  • Associate the time spent resolving specific questions to develop business case for communicating to stakeholders.
  • The systems are no longer capital intensive; pay only one, fixed monthly expense.
  • Flexible solutions make it easy to distribute agents geographically. Your agents can work from home, reducing travel time and costs, improving their state of mind, and enabling better service levels.
  • Visibility into the process allows you to identify successes and improvement opportunities.
  • Integration with leading CRM software (Sugar CRM, VTiger CRM, etc).
  • Enable self-service updates on questions directly from the IVR.
  • Automated data entry means accurate information is always available.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to implement Continuous Process Improvement approaches. Imagine providing better and better service, forever.


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1. Indra Ilham - Ext. 111
2. John - Ext. 110

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Ismed S. - 0852-8940-4589
Wayan Wisnu - 0813-8868-2384
Indra Ilham - 0812-2399-3456
John - 0812-1070-3999

Sales dan marketing INTERACTIVE DISPLAY :
Dharma - 0878-7753-7902
Carlo - 0878-8796-8114

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