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The Top 10 Benefits of Hosted PBX

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As business environments change, so does the way we communicate. Telephone service is becoming much more than a dial tone. Employees are demanding extensive features such as the ability to transition seamlessly between desk phone and mobile. Traditionally, these features are extremely expensive for an on-premises phone system.  These costly systems require dedicated data center space, endless equipment, overpriced desk phones, and extensive wiring to connect to the local carrier. It is easy to see why organizations are switching to cloud based PBX to eliminate on-site hardware and maintenance.

Infonetics Research expects the global cloud PBX and unified communications market to reach $12 billion in 2018. It is predicted that there will be over 60 million hosted seats in service, while on-premises PBX sales drop substantially. It is not hard to see why organizations are ready to make the switch. Hosted PBX offers quite the list of benefits.

1.       Lower Hardware & Servicing Costs

Hosted PBX does not require a large up-front capital investment, nor does it require ongoing maintenance and personnel to manage the system.

2.       Customer Experience

Hosted PBX allows organizations to service various customers around the world, no matter what time it is at headquarters. Local numbers can ring to call centers in another area without the customer even knowing.

3.       Mobile Integration

Work is no longer a place we go. Work is something we do, whether it is at home or the local coffee shop. Hosted PBX allows employees to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device they choose. One device can even support two numbers, and business calls placed on the mobile can appear as if they came from the person’s desk. Wait, what is a desk?

4.       Call Logging

A real-time costing using PBX data allows organizations to compare carrier costs and cost allocation with real-time fraud detection, analysis of over, under, or unused assets with trend reporting; measurement of key performance indicators across your voice network; comparison of different carrier rates in multiple currencies; and mobile spend management.

5.       Advanced Features

Advanced calling features are essential to meet employee and customer demands. Hosted PBX provides access to voicemail, email, remote call management, auto attendant, directory, music on hold, and voice messaging. A full unified communications suite also allows interconnectivity between email, voicemail, presence, IM, video, and more. And on top of all those features, hosted interaction recording allows you to capture all of those advanced forms of communication and analyze the data collected. All of these features allow organizations to provide customers with quick, reliable, effective services.

6.       Scalability

Being able to scale and grow your phone system as your business grows is a huge benefit of using hosted PBX. Unlike, on-premises systems, hosted PBX allow organizations to easily add or remove lines without hassle or additional capital investment. And on top of that, you only pay for what you use. 

7.       Business Continuity

Some businesses rely on their systems for critical tasks. Financial traders and health care organizations cannot risk interruption and downtime when they get a heavy call volume. Redundancy, up time guarantees, and reliability come with using a hosted PBX.

8.       Voice Quality

Many people still believe that hosted PBX systems have low voice quality, but that has changed with advancements in technology. No reason to worry about clear calls when using a hosted PBX.

9.       Long Distance Cost Control

Calling long distance is still expensive regardless if you are using an on-premises system or a hosted PBX, but organizations can manage those costs by using authorization features.

10.   Number Retention

Employees are bringing their own devices whether companies want them to or not. Hosted PBX provides the simplicity of combining personal and company lines on one device, so that employees do not have to give out their personal number to use their mobile phone for business calls. Calls can easily be rerouted if that employee where to leave or be terminated.

The switch from an on-premises phone system to a hosted PBX is a no brainer. With lower capital investment, and lower costs of ownership, your organization can still enjoy quality voice services as well as an abundance of value added service that keep your business competitive in the marketplace. The business environment is constantly changing. You want to make sure your phone system can keep up. 


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