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ESCENE formally releases cell phone communication assistant application: EP+

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Connect your phones, refresh your communication! Escene launched a communication assistant APP EP+ which can improve the application value of Escene IP Phone and the efficiency of the office a lot without changing your telephone system. EP+ can be downloaded from APP Store and ESCENE Official website, run on an iPhone or Android phone. EP+ delivers powerful feature: PTP controlling IP Phones dialing/answering call, phone books synchronization, IP Phone call record, mobile extension and so on. Furthermore, it can be realized more applications such as instant message , voice & video conference if co-working with a EP+ sever.



EP+ has lots of features and functions

PTP Communication Assistant Functions
- Cell Phone controls IP Phone to make a call (Fast search contacts in the phone and speedy dial)
- Phonebook synchronization (IP Phone/Cell Phone/EP+ Server)
- Switch talking on IP phone and cell phone
- Cell Phone and IP phone Ring at the same time during incoming call/Cell Phone popup.
- Video call
- Door phone answer and control(open the door)
- Login IP Phone WEB management and maintenance via Cell Phone(Mobile roaming not support this)

Mobile Extension Functions
- Mobile roaming and office anytime and anywhere
  (Outdoors using should use the EP+ Server)

Value Added Service
- Interactive voice & video conference
- Instant messaging, such as image transmission, voice message and so on
- Recording during conversation
- IP Phone Centralized network management
  (The above functions should use the EP+ Server)


Inside PTP communication assistant application: Cell Phone co-works with IP Phone thru WIFI in the office without sever. Cell Phone PTP control IP Phone to call, Phone books synchronization and ring at the same time when a call is incoming.

Outdoors roaming and add value communication application: Cell Phone connects to EP+ sever through WIFI/3G/4G to achieve the functions of roaming office, instant message Interactive voice & video conference and so on.

EP+ supports ES290/ES292/ES320/ES330/ES410/ES620 IP Phone, improving huge application value.
Note: It should be used for the models above iPhone4s with systems above IOS6 and all Android Phones with systems above Android2.3. Audio codes: G.711A/U, G.729, iLBC. Video codes: H.264. PTP: Point to Point.

Connect your Phones,Refresh your Communication !


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